Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hyder Chowk Gari Khata Hyderabad

Troubles of a bustling place- Hyder Chowk Hyderabad

As all human beings are the social animals, it is mandatory that we all are connected with each other through different bonds. This bond may be a blood relation, kinship, friendship, and neighbourhood and so on. I live in a quite hustling bustling area that is called Hyder Chowk, Gari Khata Qazi Abdul Qayoom Road, Hyderabad. This road is on the name of a famous comrade Hyder Bux Jatoi, who worked for the betterment of peasants.

Traffic jam is a major problem of Hyder Chowk. As it is always a busy road because the automobiles from four different routes including Gol building, Resham bazar, Naya pul and Old Campus gathers here. This condition causes a great rush here. It is also a stop for mini-taxis of Badin stop, suzukis of Latifabad. The buses of Jamshoro also cross this road which also results in a congested and bottle neck condition.

Hyder Chowk is a market place with numerous shops and stalls of books, there are also shops for tractor parts, automobiles and batteries which also tends to increase the crowd on the road. Many drivers do not have the sense to drive on this road. They park their cars and bikes in such an awful manner that no pedestrian can cross the road. The shopkeepers also place their tractors parts and other material on the road that is also causing the blockage for traffic flow. The traffic jam and the fume of the vehicles hence increase the pollution.

The entire road is occupied with four or five storey buildings and flats. In these flats numerous residents of different classes and creed are living. Some of these social animals are also problematic for the area. It is the common practice of the inhabitants of flats to throw trash in street. At night they pack the shoppers with the garbage and when street lights goes off and silence spreads, they throw the shoppers from their windows. It is also diminishing the beauty of the area.

In the morning, we can see the heaps of trash and an unpleasant smell in streets. It gives a look of waste yard. The social animals prove themselves as beasts through such practice. On the Hyder Chowk, praying hands statue is placed. But some people paste the political posters on those hands. Such irresponsible activities are also one of the causes of worsening the beauty of such historical place.

Load shedding is another but most common problem of Hyderabad. But we, the residents of Hyder Chowk are going through the more terrible circumstances. In this market area, all three types of load shedding takes place i.e., of Gas, Water and Electricity. In winters, we face the shortage of gas. While the plaza inhabitants do not get water on daily basis. And talking about electricity is another thing. Load shedding starts from early morning and we get back the light after 5 p.m. and sometimes it takes an entire day.

People are the creator and they are the destroyers. I think that we all are responsible for such creepy condition. Humans are the social animals not the beasts so all of us should realize the sense of humanity and work for the betterment of our city.  It is our duty to create a better environment not to destroy it. 

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